Ave Maria, Josquin Desprez

Quartet's newest member contributing quickly

Works reviewed: 
Ave Maria, Josquin Desprez
Quatuor (1931), Alexander Glazunov
Tell no more of Enchanted Days (1992), Mark Engebretson
New York Counterpoint (1985), Steve Reich
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Feb 28 1999
Garaud MacTaggart

Soprano saxophonist Susan Fancher, the latest addition to the Amherst Saxophone Quartet, has made an immediate impact.
Not only has the group gotten the services of another fine musician, but her versatile arrangements are adding some new life to an already interesting ensemble. Read more »

Desprez, Josquin

1450 —

Desprez, Josquin was born in the northern France/Belgium area. We have little knowledge of his early life, but it is known that in 1459 he was a singer at the Cathedral in Milan. In 1472, Josquin left the service of the duke and entered the service of the Sforza family, the governing family of Milan. As evidence of their rulership, they employed many artists, including singers, instrumentalists, sculptors, and painters. The Sforza family was, for example, one of Leonardo da Vinci's patrons. Read more »

Westminster Church: Amherst Saxophone Quartet

Works reviewed: 
Domine, exaudi orationem meam, Josquin Desprez
Ave Maria, Josquin Desprez
Missa Pange lingua, Josquin Desprez
Suite Francaise (1935), Francis Poulenc
Vue sur les Jardins Interdits (1973), Henri Pousseur
Songs, Book III , John Dowland
Harfleur Song, Paul Harvey
Buffalo News, The
Buffalo, NY
Dec 3 2001
Jan Jezioro

The Amherst Saxophone Quartet performed numbers from its recently released CD during a show Friday in Westminster Presbyterian Church. Read more »


Works reviewed: 
Salve Regina, Josquin Desprez
O bone et dulcissime Jesu, Josquin Desprez
Missa Pange lingua, Josquin Desprez
L'homme arme, Josquin Desprez
Domine, exaudi orationem meam, Josquin Desprez
De Profundis Clamavi, Josquin Desprez
Ave Maria, Josquin Desprez
Absalon Fili Mi, Josquin Desprez
Buffalo News, The
Buffalo, NY
Dec 16 2001

Some of the best music is released at the end of the year. Here, The News critics give us their top picks.

Ave Maria, Josquin Desprez

Early Music
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Susan Fancher
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Renaissance Masterworks of Josquin Desprez

Renaissance Masterworks of Josquin Desprez, Amherst Saxophone Quartet
Susan Fancher, soprano
Russ Carere, alto
Stephen Rosenthal, tenor
Harry Fackelman, baritone

Sixteenth century master composer Josquin Desprez wrote some of the most strikingly glorious music I've ever encountered. I first heard Josquin's masterpiece Ave Maria in 1995, and I simply had to play it! Couldn't a quartet of saxophones replace the four original voices? When I ran the idea by Northwestern University's renowned medieval and renaissance music scholar Theodore Karp, he replied, "Why not?!" Permission granted-I was off and running. Read more »

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