Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk

Sax quartet surprises Volusians

Works reviewed: 
Concerto BWV 913, Johann Sebastian Bach
Pieces pour Quatuor de Saxophones, Jean Pierre Beugniot
Sevilla, Isaac Albéniz
Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk
Daytona Beach, FL
Aug 10 1991
Eleanore Osborne

When it comes to the classics, the saxophone is the Rodney Dangerfield of instruments, with no permanent place in the symphony orchestra.

Yet the instrument's flexibility and virtuosity were convincingly portrayed Friday in a chamber music concert by the Amherst Saxophone Quartet. Read more »

Adolph Sax's 'phone' recalled

Works reviewed: 
Premiere Quatuor pour Saxophones, Op. 53 (1857), Jean Baptiste Singelee
Sax Appeal (1990), David Stock
Saxophone Quartet No. 1, Eddie Sauter
Pieces pour Quatuor de Saxophones, Jean Pierre Beugniot
Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Jan 14 1991
Herman Trotter

Amherst quartet shows contrast in old, new works

About a century and a half ago Adolph Sax's saxophone first warbled a tune and won a silver medal at the Paris Exposition.

The Amherst Saxophone Quartet took note of this historical fact in Sunday's concert, Read more »

Monk, Thelonious Sphere

1920 —

THELONIOUS SPHERE MONK (1920-1982) At a time when pianists were practicing in order to play with maximum speed, Monk was inventing a new approach to the instrument. Thelonious Monk's style is heavily dependent on his rhythmic virtuosity and inventiveness. Monk sacrificed techniques of manual dexterity for techniques of expressiveness. A master of displaced accents, shifting meters, and anticipations, he shared similarities with Miles Davis. Davis and Monk were more than comfortable with the effective pause, and thoughtful use of space, rest, and silence.

Offbeat Amherst musicians provide a musical adventure

Works reviewed: 
Quartet in e minor, Giuseppe Verdi
Saxophone Quartet, Chan Ka Nin
Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk
Jilly Bean Walk, Russ Carere
Reading Eagle/Reading Times
Reading, PA
Feb 22 1993
Susan L. Pena

In a concert that showed just how well-deserved their Chamber Music America award for adventuresome programming was, the Amherst Saxophone Quartet inaugurated the Gertrude Sternbergh Concert Series of the Star series Association Saturday night at the Albright College Meridian Theatre.

Besides hearing the rare sounds of four saxophones playing both chamber music and jazz, the audience had a dollop of comedy thrown in unexpectedly by tenor player Stephen Rosenthal. Read more »

Saxophone quartet wails despite losing UB gig

Works reviewed: 
All Right Blues (1996), Russ Carere
Nina's Samba, Stephen Parisi
Out of the Blue, Frank Ticheli
Nardis, Miles Davis
Blue Rondo a la Turk, Dave Brubeck
Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk
Saxophone Quartet (1985), Carlo Pinto
Buffalo News, The
Buffalo, NY
Feb 9 2002
Jan Jezioro

Leaving the Amherst Saxophone Quartet's concert at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Friday evening, a patron was overheard to remark, "All that talent, and you can really tell that they love what they're doing."

That comment, though perhaps made casually, pretty much sums up what almost everyone who has attended any of the quartet's concerts over the years has felt. Read more »

Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk

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Frank Reinshagen
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