Eubie Dubie (Mark Records), Eubie Blake

Blake, James Hubert "Eubie"

1883 —

JAMES HUBERT "Eubie" BLAKE was born in 1883 in Baltimore and lived to be 100 years old. One reason for his appeal as a composer is that his experience spans so much of our American culture and so many changes in contemporary musical styles. Quoting from Robert Kimball and William Bolcom, "Eubie was to be influenced by nearly every Rag-pianist he carne in contact with through those [early] years, just as he was to influence many others. His open pair of ears took in and digested much other music, too: Victor Herbert, Franz Lehar, Oskar Strauss, and the light classics. Read more »

Eubie Blake

1883 —

Blake, Eubie was as much as 20 years older than most of the other early jazz and ragtime musicians who composed and recorded their creations on 78s and piano rolls in the early years of this century. Incredibly, he met almost all of the pioneers, and he outlived them. By the time Eubie first recorded, he was 34, but he was already a show business veteran. With singer Noble Sissle, he brought the first 'Negro' musical to Broadway in 1921-Shuffle Along. Read more »

Eubie Dubie, Eubie Blake

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Salvatore Andolina
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