Four, for Tango (1987), Astor Piazzolla

Quartet takes a look at new compositions

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Quartet No. 3 (1976), Russell Howland
Tetraloque (1990), Richard Willis
Saxophone Quartet #2 (1992), Bernard Hoffer
Saxophone Quartet (1980), Steve Cohen
Four, for Tango (1987), Astor Piazzolla
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Jan 30 1996
Thomas Putnam

The Amherst Saxophone Quartet has a drawer that holds music it may someday perform in concert; now that drawer's a little less full.

The ensemble played four new saxophone quartets, composed between 1976 and 1992 its "Pushing the Edges" program Monday night in the University, at Buffalo's Slee Concert Hall on the North Campus. Read more »

Piazzolla, Astor

1921 —

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992) was a composer and bandoneón player who revolutionized tango music. In 1924 Piazzolla's family moved from Buenos Aires to New York City-Astor was only three years old. They stayed there, with a brief interlude, until 1936. He listened to Cab Calloway in Harlem. Later, again in Buenos Aires, he played traditional tango on his bandoneón in Anibal Troilos orchestra. In 1940 he composed a piece for Arthur Rubinstein who was in Buenos Aires on a tour. Read more »

Saxophone quartet tunes in world of sound

Works reviewed: 
Stepping Out (1989), David Kechley
Cafeteria Suite, Leopold Godowsky III
Four, for Tango (1987), Astor Piazzolla
Nostalgias, J.C. Cobian
Garufa, J.A. Collazo
Wapango, Paquito D'Rivera
Nina's Samba, Stephen Parisi
Buffalo News, The
Buffalo, NY
Oct 13 2001
Garaud MacTaggart

The Amherst Saxophone Quartet is a wonderful ensemble and a Western New York treasure. The group seems to be at home with more-adventurous material, but it plays arrangements of George Gershwin and Eubie Blake tunes with equal aplomb. That is probably why its concert series has become a mini-event over the last 24 years and why its concert Friday evening was attended by a number of repeat "customers."

Music from the New World could have been the theme, but calling the program a "celebration of music from North and South America: got the point across, too. Read more »

Four, for Tango (1987), Astor Piazzolla

Twentieth Century Music Transcriptions
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Claud Voirpy
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