'Round Midnight, Thelonious Monk

Sax quartet plays with heart, soul

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'Round Midnight, Thelonious Monk
Sax Appeal (1990), David Stock
Housing Project (1985), William Ortiz
Mr. Bill Goes to Washington, Keith Powell
Pittsburgh Post-Gaxette
Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 25 1993
Mark Kanny

Now that there's a sax player in the White House there will be no stopping the, Amherst Saxophone Quartet.
Their concert last night, which included a novelty piece about the musically literate president, marked the return of this ensemble to Carnegie Lecture Hall. Read more »

Monk, Thelonious Sphere

1920 —

THELONIOUS SPHERE MONK (1920-1982) At a time when pianists were practicing in order to play with maximum speed, Monk was inventing a new approach to the instrument. Thelonious Monk's style is heavily dependent on his rhythmic virtuosity and inventiveness. Monk sacrificed techniques of manual dexterity for techniques of expressiveness. A master of displaced accents, shifting meters, and anticipations, he shared similarities with Miles Davis. Davis and Monk were more than comfortable with the effective pause, and thoughtful use of space, rest, and silence.

'Round Midnight, Thelonious Monk

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Rainer Muller-Irion
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