Internal Bleeding (1996), Mark Engebretson

"Sweden's Rollin' Phones commissioned Internal Bleeding in 1996 on the occasion of their gala 10th anniversary concert. For this event, the Phones invited all past members of their ensemble to perform with them, including Susan Fancher, who had been their soprano saxophonist from 1989 to 1992. They wanted to have a new piece for her to play together with the current four members, and so they asked me to write a quintet. The work was premiered in November 1996 in Stockholm's Radiohuset (Radio house) and broadcast about a month later on Swedish National Radio. Internal Bleeding is a short, uncomplicated work that achieves a level of hyper-expressivity by exploiting the distinctive characteristics of the saxophone, such as its powerful sound, lyrical capabilities and extreme dynamic levels. The dramatic tension in the work is supported through the use of special performing techniques such as slap-tongues, quartertones, tone-color changes, growls, glissandi and multiphonics."  — Mark Engebretson