Language of Bees, Leila Lustig

Toronto composer wins sax competition

Works reviewed: 
Saxophone Quartet, Chan Ka Nin
Sinfonietta in C, J.C. Bach
Language of Bees, Leila Lustig
The Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
May 11 1992
Herman Trotter

May I have the envelope please? And the winner of the International Composition Competition is...Toronto-based composer Chan Ka Nin for his Saxophone Quartet subtitled Among Friends. The blue ribbon is worth $4,000 plus several repeat performances. The winning quartet opens with spiky textures formed from stark polyphonic lines and staccato attacks, and progresses over its 14-minute duration to a much more serene closing ground. At the end we hear slow, sweet pulsing sound patterns, a suggestion of pentatonic scales and some truly delicious close harmonies. Read more »

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