Histoire du tango (1991), Astor Piazzolla

Saxophone Quartet leaps from Mozart to Gershwin

Works reviewed: 
Quintet for Piano and Wind Instruments in Eb, K. 452, W.A. Mozart
Lullaby, George Gershwin
Histoire du tango (1991), Astor Piazzolla
Saxophone Quartet, Lukas Foss
Fast Walk (1991), Daniel Dorff
December Drive (1993), Russ Carere
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Buffalo, NY
Jan 24 1994
Herman Trotter

In this concert the Amherst Saxophone Quartet's journey from Mozart to modern turns out to be one big leap from 1784, when Mozart's Quintet for Piano and Winds in E-Flat, K452 was composed, to 1920, the year George Gershwin wrote his long buried "Lullaby" for string quartet whose premiere waited until 1967.

Given the instrumentation of those two works, it's obvious that some transcribing had to be done before the ASQ could get its collective chops on the music. Read more »

Histoire du tango (1991), Astor Piazzolla

With the tangos of Astor Piazzolla, as in the Baroque period, the dance becomes a genre to be listened to. With L'Histoire du Tango, originally composed for flute and guitar, the composer traces a century of the evolution of the form, from the light-hearted Bordel 1900, the romantic lyricism of Cafe 1930, the energy of the new tango and the bossa nova in Nightclub 1960, to a flirtation with the harmonies of Stravinsky and Bartók (and also jazz) in the Concert d' aujourd'hui.

Piazzolla, Astor

1921 —

ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992) was a composer and bandoneón player who revolutionized tango music. In 1924 Piazzolla's family moved from Buenos Aires to New York City-Astor was only three years old. They stayed there, with a brief interlude, until 1936. He listened to Cab Calloway in Harlem. Later, again in Buenos Aires, he played traditional tango on his bandoneón in Anibal Troilos orchestra. In 1940 he composed a piece for Arthur Rubinstein who was in Buenos Aires on a tour. Read more »

Histoire du tango (1991), Astor Piazzolla

Twentieth Century Music Transcriptions
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Claud Voirpy
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Sound Samples
Bordel 1900
Café 1930
Nightclub 1960
Concert d'aujourd'hui
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