Spain, Chick Corea

European influence

Works reviewed: 
Second Saxophone Quartet (1997), Wolfram Wagner
Rasch (1990), Franco Donatoni
Quatuor (1969), Guy Lacour
Dalasvit (Dalecarlium Suite), Nils Lindberg
Academicians, Mike Mower
Full English Breakfast, Mike Mower
Spain, Chick Corea
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Jan 28 2000
Jan Jezioro

The members of the Amherst Saxophone Quartet, who are the saxophone quartet in residence at the L'niversity at Buffalo, offered the third program in their four-part series at Slee Hall Thursday evening. The program, played in their usual high style, featured a generous smorgasbord of works written by currently active European composers. Read more »

Corea, Chick

1941 —

Corea, Chick (b.1941) has been one of the most significant pianists of the past thirty years. Corea was one of the top stylists to emerge after Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner. His work on electric piano and synthesizer is recognizable, and he has composed several jazz standards including Spain, La Fiesta and Windows. Read more »

Spain, Chick Corea

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Neta Norén
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