Nardis, Miles Davis

Nardis, Miles Davis

In 1959, Miles Davis recorded Kind of Blue which continues to hold a special place in the hearts of many jazz lovers. Miles Davis was successful in making the transition from bop to cool and on to modal jazz. In 1970, he earned a Grammy for Bitches’ Brew, a jazz/rock fusion of modal, electronics, and free jazz. He had a special ability to sense new directions, and then popularize the new style. Tunes such as Nardis and Milestones are typical examples.

Davis, Miles

1926 —

Davis, Miles (1926-1991) from his earliest performances, showed a very personal approach to jazz. When others were concerned with virtuoso passages, Davis would tend towards a more introspective and sophisticated lyricism. He incorporated the pause, silence, and space as part of his means of expression. Davis performed as an eighteen year old with Charlie Parker, but in 1955 it was a quintet with saxophonist John Coltrane that brought him recognition and popularity.

Saxophone quartet wails despite losing UB gig

Works reviewed: 
All Right Blues (1996), Russ Carere
Nina's Samba, Stephen Parisi
Out of the Blue, Frank Ticheli
Nardis, Miles Davis
Blue Rondo a la Turk, Dave Brubeck
Blue Monk, Thelonius Monk
Saxophone Quartet (1985), Carlo Pinto
Buffalo News, The
Buffalo, NY
Feb 9 2002
Jan Jezioro

Leaving the Amherst Saxophone Quartet's concert at Westminster Presbyterian Church on Friday evening, a patron was overheard to remark, "All that talent, and you can really tell that they love what they're doing."

That comment, though perhaps made casually, pretty much sums up what almost everyone who has attended any of the quartet's concerts over the years has felt. Read more »

Nardis, Miles Davis

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