Concerto for Saxophone Quartet (1995), Philip Glass

June in Buffalo performance is smooth as Glass

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Concerto for Saxophone Quartet (1995), Philip Glass
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Jun 9 2000
Mary Kunz

Philip Glass' music lives up to his name. It's translucent and seamless, with gently shifting keys and changing colors.

Wednesday in the University at Buffalo Student Union Theater, Glass himself alluded to its transparency. Discussing the Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra, the second work on the program, he said, "We call it an unforgiving piece because you can hear everything." He smiled. "Whatever goes wrong, you hear. Whatever goes right, you just enjoy." Read more »

Concerto for Saxophone Quartet (1995), Philip Glass

Glass' Concerto for saxophone quartet, dedicated to the Rascher Saxophone Quartet, can be performed in two versions, one with orchestra and the other for quartet alone.

Glass, Philip

1937 —

Born in Baltimore on January 31, 1937, PHILIP GLASS discovered music in his father's radio repair shop. Glass began the violin at six and became serious about music when he took up the flute at eight. During his second year in high school, he applied for admission to the University of Chicago, passed and moved to Chicago. He majored in mathematics and philosophy, and in off-hours practiced piano and concentrated on such composers as Ives and Webern. Read more »

Concerto for Saxophone Quartet (1995), Philip Glass

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