Quartetto Classico, Luca Vanneschi

Quartetto Classico, Luca Vanneschi

Sax Quartets 1978 - Present
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June in Buffalo gets a boost from quartet

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Plumb, Mara Gibson
Quartetto Classico, Luca Vanneschi
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Jun 7 1999
Jan Jezioro

The members of the Amherst Saxophone Quartet were busy Sunday. After a late morning performance at the Gazebo in Forest Lawn Cemetery in conjunction with the opening of the Sculpture of the Spirit Exhibition, the Quartet performed the first two works in the second day of the 24th annual June in Buffalo Festival in the University at Buffalo's Center for the Arts.

"Plumb," a short work in one movement by Mara Gibson, received its world premiere. Without explanatory notes in the program, the titles were a mystery. Read more »

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