Evade Dave (1999), Dave Sipos

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Evade Dave (1999), Dave Sipos
Panta Rei (1997), Charles Griffin
Canonic Suite (1945, revised 1981), Elliott Carter
Sonata (1975), Jerome Moross
Clapping Music (1972), Steve Reich
Quartet for Saxophones (1990), Tayloe Harding
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Sep 10 1999
Herman Trotter

TWO WORLD premieres were featured in Thursday evening's concert by the Amherst Saxophone Quartet, The program, "American Variations," was in Slee Hall, VB North Campus; and will be repeated at 7:30 p.m. next Friday in Westminster Presbyterian Church.

There was enough music built on repetitive, orderly devices such as canon, phase shifting and retrograde that the program assumed an almost neo-baroque dominant tone. Read more »

Evade Dave (1999), Dave Sipos

A palindrome reads the same backward as forward. The A minor scale in its purest (Aeolian) form is a palindrome when read to the top and back. Evade Dave explores this aspect of diatonic music. The piece is structured so the second half is the mirrored image of the first, thereby reading the same backward and forward. The original title of the piece was Scalindrome, but the composer writes, "I actually thought of calling this piece Evade Dave which, of course, is a palindrome, but I thought it might be too silly. Read more »

Sipos, David

1943 —

DAVID SIPOS (b. 1943) is a piano tuner, free-lance copywriter, composer and lyricist. He has written several jingles for Fisher-Price, Mattel and Tyco. Many of his children's songs are performed at Buffalo area schools. His children's musical, The Boy from Planet Yes, is currently in workshop.

Evade Dave (1999), Dave Sipos

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