Quartet for Saxophones (1989), Joseph Jarman

ASQ finalists create 4 intriguing entries

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Quartet for Four Saxophones (1989), Anita D. Perry
Saxophone Quartet, Chan Ka Nin
Dispositions for Saxophone Quartet, Judith Dvorkin
Quartet for Saxophones (1989), Joseph Jarman
Jilly Bean Walk, Russ Carere
Buffalo News
Buffalo, NY
Apr 8 1991
Herman Trotter

This concert presenting the first group of finalists among new compositions submitted to ASQ's "Great Competition" had a surprisingly interesting overall profile.

That's the property of a movement, a work, or an entire concert which allows it to remain etched in the mind because the music traced an easily perceptible and distinctive pattern or design. Read more »

Quartet for Saxophones (1989), Joseph Jarman

Sax Quartets 1978 - Present
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